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Winter 2020- editorial

Standing at this doorstep of a new decade while one invariably wonders about the personal journey ahead, a mysterious interstellar visitor with a broad tail, comet Borisov (C/2019 Q4),  the first-known comet possibly coming from  a 13 lightyears away other-star-system, has made visit to our solar system and questioned our self-preoccupation as it  brushed past our home closest on 28th December, 2019. This comet's tail only is 14 times the diameter of earth.

The universe's greatest riddle still remains one of my favourite thoughts since childhood: are we singular right here on earth, or potentially habitable planets with water vapors and carbon dioxide are actually wrong places to look for life? Only the slimmest fraction of the interstellar material within a galaxy can condense into something so complex and sophisticated as a hydrogen atom: the cosmic seeds of suffering, and suffering is, after all, the only unassailable evidence of life! Rather shouldn't we strive to find a place with little or no suffering, a place beyond Prince Siddhartha's 'Four sights'? Or is this focus on suffering merely a reflection of my earth-bound imagination?

Which further leads me to wonder that while talking about expanding universes and collapsing galaxies, what we have done to our planet in the last decade? We, creatures with intellectual capacity to discover cosmological genesis; creatures that, before sun's luminosity can destroy the entire carbon cycle, might somehow find another earth-like exoplanet; how we treated what's already ours?

And then, we do not have a patent on this planet as a species. In this season of inception, I'm excited to announce that Darkroom captures the artistically-built home of Signature Spiders in its first blog post. As I also recount about my unforgettable visit to Diu island, readers can enjoy bird photography in the gallery. And plenty more will come in the future. But our distant descendants  may never see many of them outside of photographs.

What can we do differently in this decade to reverse this outcome? Something we can do with immediate effect is to consciously stop the ubiquitously-harmful plastic usage on our own. What else you think could be easily implementable by you and fellow citizens to help other species around us? 

"God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man." : Arthur Young

Happy thinking. Happy reading. Happy doing. Happy feeling.

- Ghosh

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