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How damned is our thirst for immortality!


Our every action chronicles the indissoluble irony of trying to leave a mark with our existence so very tellingly. Even though we know neither we nor what we leave behind are permanent, but we instinctively raise our stakes in front of time to make a stronger case for memories.


We make memories, so that we are not forgotten.


'Not so easily', as our receding footsteps gnash on the moment, it's the words and photographs that provide us with a window to look back.

Darkroom || My Photostories is an earnest attempt to narrate those stories that pulsate through my photographs. Though most of the photographs here are plain ordinary, because it carries those 'first 10000 photographs which are', as the sage observation of Henri Cartier-Bresson goes, 'my worst', they are those building blocks which taught me that 'the eye should learn to listen before it looks'. 


STILLS will showcase few gems too someday, I believe. But let's get it straight, this is not a website for showcasing my shutter skills with average gears. Instead, it's all about good-old storytelling, where both facts and imagination are free to delightfully coexist without compromise. 

There's a significant amount of study and serious research work involved in the blog posts. I will cue in from widest possible range of sources along with my experience to keep the information authentic. If any occasional mistake sneaks in or you find any inaccurate information, it would be nice if you bring it to my attention.


My hope is to create a platform where all can learn and feel uniquely connected through the stories, and I believe you cannot read and leave my world without gaining a little more knowledge and developing curiosity about the world around you.


I narrate those stories through the articles/blogs published in the PHOTOSTORY section. However, ​I envision this space to shape in and hold much more than sharing my travel experiences. I will write about anything under the sun and beyond that touches and matters to me.

Further along the road, MOVE takes a step ahead from Darkroom and introduces a webzine, THE BIG PICTURE. Here you can read interesting and informative articles from various sources handpicked by me. I will update this on a monthly basis.


I customized the website for handheld devices, but for the complete viewing experience, bigger display and high-speed connection are desired. 


If you like this website's content or want to provide your feedback about anything in particular, please submit your comments in the comment box under What Say. I reserve the right to use your feedback or reviews as Testimonials. To receive updates about new posts in your inbox, hit SUBSCRIBE


If you like what you read and see, I would also appreciate liberal mention in your social media to spread the words. Staying connected will help you receive updates about new posts and following Darkroom in social platforms will help me build my precious communities of readers and well-wishers. 

Hope you experience a riveting stopover and we can carry on this inspired journey together.

Many thanks!




"Wherever I’m spread, I see eyes shine, passions increase, eyebrows rise and heartbeats quicken. Behold how wonderful it is to live! Behold how wonderful to see. I am everywhere. Life begins with and returns to me. Have faith in what I tell you.” : Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

Curious Cafe

Plants can see much better than we can! 


They do have a variety of dedicated receptors that can sense almost every single wavelength. One such are the blue light photoreceptors called cryptochromes. When the cryptochrome detects an incoming photon, it reacts in a way that triggers a unique physiological response.

New research shows how plants can respond to blue light in particular by revealing the structure of cryptochrome-2.

“I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.”: Mark Twain

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Here you can find my photography of different subjects and moments. Currently, only Wings album is up for viewing. Watch this space for more..


Make your favourite hot beverage. Find your quiet corner. Take that comfy pillow. Or totally set everything aside and sit straight. It's storytime!

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This section contains a webzine showcasing interesting articles on photography or any other topics curated from external sources.

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